Learn Spanish where there are no tourists!


´The Spanish teaching was excellent and the town is the perfect place to learn not just Spanish, but about Guatemala and Guatemalan life as well!!´

- Rob Harvey, England

 Our school

The Spanish school of CeCEP is located in the same building as the museum and the office of CeCEP in San Cristóbal Verapaz, Alta Verapaz. The environment here is perfect to learn not only Spanish, but to get to know the real Guatamalan indigenous culture as well. As the majority of the inhabitants of San Cristobal are indigenous Pokomchíes and live with the customs of their ancestors. The area of San Cristobal is a mountainous area with aldeas (villages), agricultural fields and astonishing nature. So while learning Spanish, you´ll learn about the culture, traditions, folklore, history, literature and politics of Guatemala and especially the area of San Cristóbal as well. You will make friends with local families and get an insight into the real life of Guatemala. Activities each day include exposure to the culture and traditions of the Pokomchí people native to the region. Some of these activities include participation in development projects for Pokomchi communities, visits to Pokomchi villages, nature walks and agricultural fieldtrips.


We have specially trained teachers who choose materials and information to be taught depending on the level of the student. We give one on one instruction for beginner, intermediate or advanced level. The classes are given from Monday to Friday for 4 hours daily.


If desired students live with a local family in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. In addition to daily language interaction, outside the classroom, homestay also provides a unique opportunity to participate in the lives and customs of the local people. Students receive a private room and three meals a day, seven days a week.


For 20 hours a week one on one instruction with a 7 day homestay including 3 meals a day we ask $140.00. Don´t hesitate to contact us if you would need other conditions.


(note: Compared to other school in the rest of Guatemala our price is one of the cheaper ones. Classes in Antigua for example for 20 hours a week already cost between $85 and $95. And a homestay with only six days of food cost between $60 and $65. Hereby added that in many cities as Antigua, Panajachel and Chichicastenango the number of foreigners will refrain you from getting to know the real Guatemalian life, we guarantee you that San Cristobal is one of the best options for the culturally focused student.)

Logistical information

If you are enthusiastic and want to come to San Cristobal to study please feel free to write an email to our office (see "contact") with your name and expected day of arrival in San Cristobal. If you have certain preferences concerning food (for example vegetarian) please let us know and we will arrange.


To get to San Cristobal is quite easy. From Guatemala city you can take a ´Monja Blanca bus´ at the Monja Blanca busstation at 8a Avenida 15-16, Zona 1 to Cobán or San Cristobal. It will take around 4-5 hours and will cost around 55-60 Quetzal (around $7,50). Ask to descend at the crossing to Santa Cruz and San Cristóbal, we can pick you up there or you can go on with one of the microbusses that go frequently from Santa Cruz to San Cristóbal.


´ This is a good school, supporting a worthwhile cause where you not only learn Spanish but also about Guatemalan history, indigenous peoples, Mayan rituals, and also go on nice daytrips to pretty places. Set in a pretty town with friendly people and not many tourists- this is an ideal place to learn!.´ - Kevin Crawford, Scotland


´My experience here has made me much more comfortable using Spanish. My instructor was very kind and patient. She worked with me exactly on my level. Although my time here was short, I feel like I gained a great deal from it. I definitely recommend this school to others who want to learn.´

Sundi Smith , USA


´The time in San Cristóbal has been by far one of the best experiences in Guatemala so far. I loved my hostfamily and my stay here learned me a lot about the Pokomchi people and their culture, simply fantastic!´

Sebastián Thiebou, Holanda