Information about CECEP

Centro Educativo Comunitario Pokomchí (CECEP) was founded in 1993 through the united efforts of local and international people with the objective of exposing and stregthening the Pokomchí culture.

For this purpose we work in translation (pokomchí-spanish), alphabetization, exhibition of our culture, promotion and distribution of Pokomchí literature and cultural strengthening. Furthermore we work with national and international associations supporting and reinforcing our community through our projects. We manage a community tourism alliance, educational workshops, volunteers, tours around the town, a store of handicrafts made by local artisans, and a school for the languages Spanish and Pokomchí.

With Museo Katinamit (opened in 2001) we offer the unique exhibition of Pokomchí culture, presenting our lifestyle which is considered among one of the oldest in the world and still living.